I couldn’t believe when I read for the first time an article called “Women-Bomb”. I first got shocked and, after a careful reading, I realised that I was as part of that as others crazy-sweet-workaholic women like me. What would be a bomb-woman? For my pleasure, in the same week there it was: a book (unfortunately just in Portuguese). A book that is like a manual for a man that wants to understand who is this mysterious creature. Besides the book, I was luck enough to watch a discussion on TV about it. Each time even more interesting.

The woman-bomb is the female who can be the sweetest thing and two hours later cut the dick of a boyfriend who cheated on her. It is the woman that is tired of being just one thing. We normally describes a female by her personality, the sexy one, the charming kind, the shopping maniac, the workaholic, the nerd, the athletic, the housewife, the intellectual and etc. But the woman-bomb can be all those above mentioned and more: CRAZY.

I started thinking of me in this situation. I am a bomb-woman in potential, I bet. And I am sorry for who thinks it is just a matter of hormones and PMT. Sorry. It is past. The world is being so demanding, and you can include: financial crisis, work productivity, relationship (and friends are in this category as well), sexual tension (or not!), body perfect shape, get pregnant one day (or not!) and go ahead that you will find even more issues to add here. If you stopped in the third item, imagine that normally we pass through all these, sometimes, in one bloody day! The day you just want to forget, the shit day.

If you also remember that silly things can make a potential woman-bomb, like a really bad hair day in an event week that you are miles away from your hairstylist and all what you have is your creativity, believe me, you can have a bomb ready to explode anywhere. A bomb-woman is an immediate stress reaction however 10 times worse. It is an orgasm of anger according to the situation. And do you know what might make it worse? A man that says during your insanity moment: “Are you crazy?”…

No dear, I am not crazy but I will if you look at me once more with this face like “I-don’t-know-this-woman” asking stupidly that! We have some amazing examples of this creature around the World and I pick some of them for you to google their names and choose one to vote, our Woman-bomb muse (roll down to the Poll section). Do you remember someone that deserves to be in our list? If you do, please comment and share with us your celebrity woman-bomb.

I need to admit that if we take this concept for the day-by-day in your work, in your gym, with your friends, with your partner or in the telemarketing calls, you are going to laugh and make yourself not any more a victim of the bomb but a bomb maker to explode in the right time, in the right place and with the right person, of course, with no much destruction, damage or innocent victims, metaphorically speaking.

Link to the Brazilian writer, Luciana Pessanha, who wrote the Manual of how to make a woman-bomb: http://mulher-bomba.blogspot.com/


~ by vikaaraujo on March 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Women-Bomb”

  1. Yes you are a bomb woman, a latin bomb, or should I say a cherry bomb (great song from the 80’s check it out)

  2. Thank you for admitting that! It is true, I am! I will check again the song. Sounds good!

  3. Adorei essa coisa Bozo das nuvens e das trevas.
    Ai, Vivs, sei lá, essa coisa de mulher bomba é legal, mas dá uma ar meio “mulheres apaixonadas”.
    Não é mulher-bomba, é mulher normal, ou alguém acha que nós temos sangue de barata?

    Só um adendo, eu acho que é “PMS”…

  4. ahahhaha… O Bozo das Nuvens e das Trevas é ótimo! Como sempre original, Jo! Pode ser tanto PMS quanto PMT na verdade. Vc tem razão, tem um fundo Mulheres Apaixonadas (eca!). Mas neste caso, é elevar o assunto para o lado cômico, literário. Eu ainda não pude ler o livro, mas todos que leram dizem que é ótimo. E definitivamente de louco e tolo todos temos um pouco ou já tivemos! rs! Bjkss, Vivi

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