Have you booked your ticket? London and the king of pop

He is back

He is back

I remember that the first time I saw Madonna performing on TV, I probably was around 8 years old, and I said to mum: “I want to dance”. I became a professional ballet dancer and a performer dancer with some remote inspiration in that crazy girl that nobody knew exactly who was. But how could I forget as well the emotional impact as a little girl watching for the first time the video clip of Thriller in a birthday party. That day, I started to pay different attention to TV production.

I am specially passionate by the Jackson Five and what they represented to Michael‘s career as a singer, composer and pop star. Forget the guy, the person who we never will know precisely what really did. Actually, it is not the issue here. The main subject is the figure of a pop’s king, Michael Jackson. I am still not believing that he got his “crown” from nothing. I believe he had some credit to become an icon.

After all, he is back, in a big welcome that I would not lose, in London, which starts from July 2009 up to February 2010. The show is going to be performed in the O2 Arena stage and the producers estimate a million people as audience after 50 concerts. And do not forget, all shows will be made in the same city, London. Definitely, he is back.

For further information check the official website http://www.michaeljacksonlive.com

Meanwhile, enjoy him, the king:


~ by vikaaraujo on March 13, 2009.

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