What do you do when you miss someone terribly?

Expedition Aaron's book

Expedition Aaron's book

Ok. I have a problem besides this silly fluenza whatever is called. Heart problem. I try to get busy working out my itinerary, stuff to take, admnistrative issues, etc. However, I can’t stop thinking about him, the explorer, the guy that is capturing me to this adventure in a different point of view of mine. The one that was able to make me say “yes” and also take me out of my high heels to travel as a… hum… how they say… backpacker! He is my fiancé. I miss Mr. Smith.

He is right now, sending me messages, feeling lonely, from the middle of a very small town in Colombia, turned by jungle (thank technology!) saying: “I miss you like a crazy”. When he does that, my wish is to take the first damn flight and have a cinema scene like some of Indiana Jones stories when the girl appears and save the man. Nevertheless, I know I can’t.

We need to transpass the “saudade” sometimes for the benefit of a good quality work result of the partner. He needs this time to finish his book. I can’t distract him. Meanwhile, I write to let the suffering of missing my love goes away, at least for now. I am proud of how intense he can be and how deep he can go to fulfill his goals. 

Ok. 19 days from today to catch up again. 19 days to run to his arms in the airport and kiss as it would be the last day in the planet. 19 days to make what we do best, love, talk, drink good wine and travel. 19 days to see you again, Aaron. I sound “piegas” but who in love is not like me? I wish I had a pill to stop missing him terribly. I wish. While I do not have it, I relay my soul with music… Follow below a video that symbolizes my movie scene:

We are apart but never distant.

19 days so…




~ by vikaaraujo on May 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “What do you do when you miss someone terribly?”

  1. dittttttttttooooooooooo!!!!!


  2. aahahhaha… Ditto to u 2! Love, V

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