I and 60 Minutes Australia

Vivi dressed up to Mangueira Parade

Vivi dressed up to Mangueira Parade

Vivi after the parade

Vivi after the parade

Well, well, well,

besides the thousand things I and Aaron do, we had this amazing experience with Australia TV and a dream team of people to make it happen. Hugh Nailon, the producer; both Micks, the great sound man and the greatest camera I’ve ever seen; Charles Wooley (I do not need to say who he is, right!) and Zeghy.

I am glad with my first international experience helping to produce what I like most – true stories – as well as being part of the story told on air. I and Australia are in love with each other, I confess and I hope it can be just the start of my career showing this world things that seems interesting to be showed.

For those whom wants to see the full video of this program made in Rio, click the link below and good show!





~ by vikaaraujo on May 9, 2009.

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