From a fan of Marvel stories

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

scene of the film

scene of the film

What could be better than watch a Marvel story well written on the screen? To watch Hugh Jackman acting on that, as Wolverine as usual, my favourite hero and even better: knowing that Hugh Jackman was in Rio to promote the film. Great. So I decided to move my butt from the seat and finally watch it on the movie theatre.

Besides some silly special effects and cliche scenes of action movies, I like a lot the film. I like the way the story is described and the way Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine. I like specially the way now I can notice an Australian actor! (laughs).

One thing called my attention: Wolverine’s brother. He walks thru the line of being the biggest antagonist to the best friend of Wolverine. Of course Vivi, sabreteeth is Wolverine’s brother and as he says in the film when they are fighting against the XI, “I am your brother, and if someone has to kill you, this is me”. So nice that made me laugh!

In conclusion, it worths to be seen. I like in particular the boy who appears quiclky as the last mutant who escaped the island.  What a Mutant!!!! (it was really good to watch this movie without Aaron beside me, I confess!).

Then, for who still looking foward to see the film, I leave you with the trailer to make it even more attractive.

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~ by vikaaraujo on May 17, 2009.

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