Vivi and the city… of Bogota – Colombia

Ok my friends. Got it. I am here, actually there for you all. Let us start from Bogota, May 22nd. I arrived and after 2 months and 17 days without seeing my future husband, you all can imagine we had some time out of the world when I landed in Bogota, Colombia.

After our time out, we decided to see the friday night in Bogota slowly, I mean, since we had our champagne and chocolats to finish first. Then, after leaving the hostel to see the city at 5:30 pm, we decided to see the sunset from the highest place in Bogota, also considered the most romantic spot of this big city. It is an amazing place that for 2 seconds reminded me the Sugar Loaf.

People take a cable car to get to the top of the mountain called Cerro Monserrate, which costs around 17 thousand Colombian pesos to each person, or 14 thousand Colombian pesos for whom gets it before 5:30 pm. I am sure that you will ask: how come? Well, it has one of the most expensive and romantic restaurants of Bogota, with one of the most beautiful views of the city. The visit inside the Sanctuary up there is also interesting.

We were for a short time in Bogota, it means, just 3 days, a weekend to be more precise. So we decided to take the best we could take from the city and nothing would be better than including in the package cultural information, it means, museum time. We have found a perfect one in Bogota, the “Museo del oro”. Full of good discoveries, we had great fun finding more about the history, prosperity and origins of the Colombian people.

We also couldn’t avoid the party scenarium of the city and there we went to our night in the fancy area of Bogota, called Zona Rosa. We had good colombian beer, Valentino music and from club to club we said goodbye to the city, moving forward to our next stop, San Gil. Well done with Bogota.

All photos below by Aaron Smith and Vivi Araujo.

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~ by vikaaraujo on June 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vivi and the city… of Bogota – Colombia”

  1. Vivi & Aaron, as fotos estão lindas e vcs radiantes!! Mande notícias do mundo, rsrs. Amo vcs! Bjks. PS: ver pessoas dormindo nas ruas é vergonhoso em qualquer lugar do mundo, né.

  2. Oie prima!!! Adoramos sempre ver os comentarios! Sim, e triste ver a pobreza mas tb faz parte da nossa viagem! E tem muito mais por ai! Mantenha-se atualizada por aqui!!!!!!! Bjks enormes, Vivi

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