Colombia – San Gil – The capital of Adrenaline

After the big capital, Bogota, we had left to a tiny region considered one of the best cities in Colombia to have some  extra adrenaline. We had some scary

San Gil is a great little town, where everything happens around the “plaza”. It is fantastic. Happy polite people, with a lovely face telling us that they would be ready to help when we need it so. It was a small town with a huge scene for adrenaline. First night, just able to sleep. Second day, early, rafting. We went to rafting into the Suarez river, where we were able to have level 5 (the ultimate one) of this kind of radical sport. It means, we could fall in the water and that is the reason the instructor gave us a bracelet with a telephone number and we had to sign a paper with our finger print, it means, we could die.

I accept my condition as “primeira vez”doing it and all what I knew is that I should follow the information William (the guide) said. “forward”;”back”;”right forward”;”left back”;inside”;”position”… Those words mean that the group in the left should paddle to the direction he demands to be as well as to jump inside the boat or get back to the position to paddle again. We got 2 waves of level 5 and it was pretty scary, I can tell. However, our team was so great (I, Aaron, a Canadian couple, two British brothers) that we did not fall in the river as our guide’s first thought. We had 2 stops to chill out and eat something. Our table? One of the kayaks (used for rescue needs) with fruits and bread and soft drinks. I love it. Checked and done!

For further turistic information go to:

Rafting crew in San Gil – video produced by the company

Video of our Paragliding adventure – produced by Aaron Smith

Photos produced by Aaron Smith and Viviane Araujo


~ by vikaaraujo on July 10, 2009.

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