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Hey Fellows,
I am having problems with the local Internet to update more of Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s travel. But be aware that as soon as I get the chance, more content will be here…
So next soon – GUATEMALA!



Honduras – Paradise of diving

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Copan, Honduras

A little town that keeps the charm of a classic style on the streets, houses and way to live. There is the ruins of Copan, from Mayas civilization, where I got myself lost (in a good way, of course) about the history of a such powerful and great culture that still leaving a message to us. I recommend to everybody who is interested in Anthropology, Archaeology or simply curios about our ancients.

Utila, Honduras

There I got my Open water diver course. The cheapest and sincerely the best place to make it happens! It is a very “diving” business island and for who likes a party (not much in my blood nowadays, actually), that is the place! Good vibe of divers and locals around the whole region. A paradise to be found, for sure!

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Weekly Articles in the Gringo Times about Senhor e Senhora Smith

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For all who wants to read the weekly articles, please check it out:












Nicaragua – Isla de Ometepe, Granada, Masaya

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Nicaragua-isla del ometepe

The adventure started at the border crossing, in between big trucks and people trying to sell us everything, including a sticker to passport that we thought was official (no, it was not).

After an amazing view of the lake from a small boat we took to get to the island of Ometepe, we were able to see one of the volcanoes that created it. Ok. Fried banana with cheese like nachos and there we were in the ferry to Isla de Ometepe. We could do our shopping for food on the boat if we wanted by the large amounts of vegetables and other food supplies on board, with us.

Aaron, our social part, talking to a local man, just yelled to me: “Hey Vivi, we got a lift to a hostel”. Great. Nothing to think about, just go!

The generous guy was actually the owner of a place we would stay and let’s say it was more than just a simple favor, however, it was worth it anyway.

The on the way to the place was in fact incredible. Sort of post card with the volcano, the lake, the remote small villages and the simple people around it. For while I had the taste of home in Brazil, when I had the chance to travel to the countryside, observing how life can be calm and easy. To complete the experience, we watched the sunset over the lake view.

The place we stayed was nice, full of old stories (as Aaron told in his weekly article in the Gringo Times) and a million dollar view. I discovered my favorite beer in Central America so far, Tona (to put the ~). We had a fantastic relaxing time on the island and to make it even more interesting, we were guests of a typical birthday party for a 15 year old girl. We left Ometepe with mojitos and “feliciaciones”.

Granada and Masaya – Nicaragua

Those little towns are basically very nice places to chill out and plan the rest of the journey. We were there to also see the  Mombacho volcano from so near that we can die of the Sulfato gas that comes from the crator. We also had an amazing experience on the cave.

Photos by Aaron Smith and Vivi Araujo

Video by Aaron Smith, produced by Vivi Araujo

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Costa Rica – Monteverde and La Fortuna

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Costa Rica – Monteverde

Crossing the border from Panama to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, we both caught a flu because the bus was so cold. I can’t complain actually if I think about all those chicken buses we have caught around in the bloody heat. We stayed just one day in San Jose, in fact, passing by to go to Monteverde, where we could experience the cloud forest and some adventures that just a jungle can provide.

In Monteverde we spent two nights and we went straight to radical things like: ziplines and walking on suspension bridges. I was speechless by the number (18) of ziplines, the sizes and heights. The highest one was at 170 meters and the longest has a bit more than a kilometer.

The last one you do with your partner or buddy, in my case, Aaron, and we just had so much fun crossing the whole cloud forest like 2 birds in the paradise.

Costa Rica – La Fortuna

Leaving a radical spot in Costa Rica to another one, we went straight to see in La Fortuna the famous Volcano Arenal. We walked in the forest and at sunset watched from afar lava flowing down the mountain. We also had the chance to go to a hot springs, actually, a water park but with natural thermal springs, with infra-structure where you can have a drink in the pool. Aaron can’t complain of sometimes being a regular tourist!

Well done with Costa Rica.

For further touristic information go to: http://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/Senhor-e-Senhora-Smith/

Video by Aaron Smith/ Production Vivi Araujo

Photos by Aaron & Vivi Smith

San Blas photos and Panama

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Hey friends of mine,

I posted the beautiful video edited by Aaron about San Blas Islands in Cartagena first content and now I am posting more photos of that incredible experience of sailing as well as a video of the Panama Canal besides the legendary photo of the group of the sailing boat!

Panama city is not much what we would spend too much time exploring since it seems Miami. Nothing against, just a bit a “deja vu” for us. We just spent a day to have a rest and it was time enough to see everything the city can provide, it means: the Panama canal.

For further turistic information go to: http://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/Senhor-e-Senhora-Smith/

Photos by Vivi & Aaron Smith

Video of the Panama Canal produced by Aaron Smith

Cartagena photos continuation

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Ok friends,

It is the continuation of some good moments in our last night in  South America, Cartagena, Colombia, before the sailing to San Blas with a video and photos produced by me and Aaron Smith. Enjoy them!

Video of Chivas BUS – Night life in Cartagena. – Fimed by Vivi & Aaron Smith